Narda SRM-3006 Tools  v.1 1

SRM-Tools provides a simple, uncomplicated interface between the SRM and a PC.

SRM Tools  v.2. 2. 2001

The PC Configuration Software SRM-Tools is developed for the Selective Radiation Meter SRM-3000 from Nards Safety Test Solution.


SpaceGuard SRM  v.6 10

SpaceGuard SRM is a proven disk quota management solution allowing systems administrators to regulate the available disk space for end-users effectively.

SRM Help Desk  v.1.0

The new web interface is provided to registered users with a number of different styles. The trial download is fully functional, but includes only one style of web pages. Newest IT Help Desk Program is SRM Help Desk .

SRM Church Database  v.1.0

SRM Church Database┬ę allows you to also easily record church library information, prayer requests, visitor information and contacts with regular members as well as visitors.

SpaceGuard SRM - Disk Quotas Manager  v.5 4

SpaceGuard SRM is a directory based quota management tool featuring quota enforcement, notification through popup and SMTP/MAPI mail, and Active Directory integration. To minimize configuration effort,

HASP SRM Vendor Suite  v.5 10

The HASP Vendor Suite is a programmer utility that includes all the tools necessary to protect applications and their associated data files from piracy and Intellectual Property theft.

SRM Help Desk 2005  v.1.0

A comprehensive IT Help Desk program that makes it easy to record, update and report on Users, Support Requests, Computers, Software, Peripherals and more.

Overwritten X  v.1.0

Overwritten uses 'srm' to rename and overwrite files repeatedly in order to ensure they cannot be recovered, even through extensive examination.

IShred Express  v.1.0

iShred Express provides a drag and drop interface to the "SRM" or secure delete function.

NetOffice E.I.S.  v.1.0

NETOFFICE EIS: CRM/SRM Corporate AddressBook ; iCAL Corporate Calendar + Agenda ; eMSG MailBox Email + Fax Messagery ; DMS FileManager + Document Management ; EXTM ModExpress (modules / extra apps: financial, sales) ; CPanel administration ; Intercha

Power Tap Import Plugin  v.1.0.3320

Adds an importer for CycleOps PowerTap power meter files. Click on 'Import' in the 'Other Tasks' menu of SportTracks and select a file with 'csv' extension that you have saved with the software that came with your PowerTap power meter hub.

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